028 – Liam Law and the Power of Feedback

028 – Liam Law and the Power of Feedback

What's this episode all about?

In today’s episode of Powerful, Jeff Couillard connects with Liam Law, a former youth worker, shift-supervisor and outcomes & evaluation lead at Enviros Base Camp. They discuss the power of “feedback informed practice”, and offer practical tools and suggestions for building a culture of feedback in your program, and how to use feedback to both prove and improve the quality of your services.

Show Notes & Resources

Interested in learning more about “routine outcome monitoring” or “feedback informed practice”? Connect with Jeff for a free consultation.

Learn more about the work of Dr. Scott Miller: Feedback Informed Treatment

Curious about outcome measures for addiction and mental health treatment? Jeff recommends OQ Measures, a robust suite of tools to measure client progress, improve clinical effectiveness and provide outcome data for your programs. Connect to learn more!

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