026 – Stephen de Groot and The Hardest Task of Leadership

026 – Stephen de Groot and The Hardest Task of Leadership

What's this episode all about?

In today’s episode of Powerful, Jeff Couillard picks up the conversation with Stephen de Groot, a leadership and human behaviour expert to discuss the hardest task of leadership, closing the gap between your good intentions and your impact on the people you lead.

Steve and Jeff talk about feedback, and spend some time digging in to the new “LeaderScore”, a strengths-based leadership development tool that’s having a significant impact on leadership performance for Steve’s clients in both health and human services and the corporate sector.

Show Notes & Resources

Learn more about the work that Brivia is doing to make work and life more meaningful here: https://briviaconsulting.com/

And check out the “Beating Burnout: Leader Solutions for Improving Meaning, Motivation and Mental Health” program, a collaborative effort by Steve and Jeff to equip human service leaders with the essential skills they need to improve the quality of their employee’s experience. 

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