024 – Stephen de Groot and Beating Burnout

024 – Stephen de Groot and Beating Burnout

What's this episode all about?

In today’s episode of Powerful, Jeff Couillard invites Stephen de Groot, a leadership and human behaviour expert to the show to discuss the epidemic of burnout in our helping service organizations, and what leaders can do about it! 

Steve and Jeff talk about practical and proven strategies for increasing the “meaning” that employees find in the work, and how it’s disconnection from that meaning that makes the work so much harder and leads to burnout.  

Show Notes & Resources

Learn more about the work that Brivia is doing to make work and life more meaningful here: https://briviaconsulting.com/

And check out the “Beating Burnout: Leader Solutions for Improving Meaning, Motivation and Mental Health” program, a collaborative effort by Steve and Jeff to equip human service leaders with the essential skills they need to improve the quality of their employee’s experience. 

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