020 – The Three Essential Ingredients of Powerful Communities

020 – The Three Essential Ingredients of Powerful Communities

What's this episode all about?

Like your favourite recipe, powerful communities require a list of distinct and special ingredients.

Over the next few episodes Jeff will unpack what the essential ingredients are in building high functioning and intentional communities. Enjoy this episode as he kicks off this journey of unpacking these ideas and uses his own experience of working and creating an intentional community at Enviros Base Camp, a wilderness addictions treatment centre. It wasn’t an accident that this community functioned the way it did, and in today’s short episode Jeff highlights the three essential ingredients this community possessed and other powerful communities alike.

Please check back in the coming weeks to follow the inspiring story of Base Camp as Jeff interviews past alumni from this community, digging into what makes powerful communities tick, and how you can build one too.

Show Notes & Resources

Learn more about the work that Enviros does here: www.enviros.org

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