017 – Dr. Cathryn van Kessel (aka Dr. Evil)

017 – Dr. Cathryn van Kessel (aka Dr. Evil)

What's this episode all about?

On this episode of Powerful, Jeff sits down with Dr. Cathryn Van Kessel (a recommendation from last week’s guest, Dr. Muna Saleh) and together they conceptualize good and evil and societal ideas surrounding death and the impacts on one’s life.

Cathryn is a professor at the University of Alberta where she teaches and researches all things evil. In this episode Cathryn discusses how as humans we have a natural biological response to death and that we want to feel stable and permanent and don’t want to die.

Cathryn introduces listeners to the fascinating concepts that make up Terror Management Theory and how it illustrates how a direct reminder of death makes humans do weird and quirky things. Give this episode a listen and click on the resources if you want to find out more about this week’s topic.

And now that you’ve been reminded of your mortality…don’t forget to grab a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Gratitude and kickstart your gratitude practice today!

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