015 – Colleen Henderson and The Power of Story

015 – Colleen Henderson and The Power of Story

What's this episode all about?

You won’t want to miss this episode of Powerful! Jeff invites guest Colleen Henderson onto the show to discuss the power of story and how it relates to everything from business, marketing and politics to video games and freedom of expression. Colleen Henderson talks about her own experience with becoming a storyteller and how it changed her career direction and led to her becoming President and Creative Director of the Calgary based company Perfect Pitch Consulting Group.

Listen to this episode to discover what Jeff and Colleen feel the biggest problem in business is today, and how we need to move towards understanding the problem first (having empathy) before offering up solutions.

Listeners will not be disappointed in how this episode captures the true essence of how powerful a good story can be, while giving practical strategies to becoming a captivating story teller yourself.

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Show Notes & Resources

Perfect Pitch – https://perfectpitchpros.com/

This American LIfe Podcast – https://www.thisamericanlife.org/

Winning the Story Wars – by Jonah Sachs

The Hero with a Thousand Faces – by Joseph Campbell

Nancy Duarte – www.duarte.com

Learn more about Meghan Murphy and the Toronto Public Library incident- https://nationalpost.com/news/meghan-murphy-the-woman-behind-trans-wars-breaking-out-at-the-public-library

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