013 – Shelly Qualtieri and the Power of Tools

013 – Shelly Qualtieri and the Power of Tools

What's this episode all about?

Today Jeff sits down and chats with registered social worker and counselor Shelly Qualtieri. Shelly has 30 years of experience working in government, and not for profit organizations in North America and Australia. Her work spans the spectrum of helping services from mental health, to Suicide Prevention Awareness and intervention and private practice.

Jeff and Shelly talk about the power of relationship and how to know when you are aligned within a therapeutic alliance. Listeners will enjoy really tangible, practical advice for things like anxiety, depression and what to do if you or someone you know are having thoughts of suicide. Jeff and Shelley discuss how in the right use power framework that self-care isn’t optional, it’s ethical.

Thinking about making a shift into self-employment? This course is for you!

Show Notes & Resources

Find Shelly on the web:


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shellyqualtieri/

Resources shared by Shelly on the Podcast:

Center for Suicide Prenvention: https://www.suicideinfo.ca/

Dial: 211 to find programs and services in Alberta

Calgary Foodbank:  https://www.calgaryfoodbank.com/

Good Food Box – https://www.ckpcalgary.ca/program-services/good-food-box

U R Strong : https://urstrong.com/

The Good Guys: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/

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