012 – The Most Important Conversation

012 – The Most Important Conversation

What's this episode all about?

Are some conversations more important than others? Jeff thinks so.

In this short episode, he’ll introduce you to the Most Important Conversation you’ll ever have…the one we often shy away from and don’t realize we haven’t had. The one we ignore to our peril, until it becomes unavoidable.

Want to have a conversation with Jeff about making something meaningful happen with your team this year? Let’s chat.

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Jeff Couillard


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Oh, hey. How's it going? You're probably a little fried.

I get it. We’re all a little fried right now. 

And that’s OK. But it’s also nice to have some strategies and tactics to get better, to take care of ourselves in this time of chaos and uncertainty.

So I put together a quick 42 minute webinar on the “7 Essential Strategies of Better Self Care“. You should probably watch it.

And then come back and listen to this podcast….

Anyway, register for the webinar if you’re inclined. You won’t see this particular popup again. Because the only thing more annoying than a popup, is seeing the same damn one over and over again.