008 – Josh Clarke on Design Thinking vs. Doing

008 – Josh Clarke on Design Thinking vs. Doing

What's this episode all about?

In today’s episode of Powerful, Jeff and his guest Josh Clarke explore how to design your life through design thinking. Josh is an engineer, a designer, an experiential educator, former manager in the nonprofit sector and now entrepreneur.

Listeners will enjoy this conversation as Josh breaks this fascinating concept down into bite size pieces. Josh explains how the process of engaging your personal power through self expression creates a more useful and meaningful experience.

Josh and Jeff discuss how the most meaningful work happens when you move the needle from design thinking to design doing. Their conversation weaves through personal stories of life journey’s and transitions and they discuss the therapeutic process that is involved with making and designing.  Josh’s parting words of wisdom about design thinking are for listeners to get past the “thinking” and get “doing”!

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Show Notes & Resources

Grab a copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Where to find Josh:

Instagram: Clarke_studio

Make Good project: https://www.makegoodintheneighbourhood.org

For a wide range of design-thinking strategies and tools, check out ideo.com 

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