006 – Dr. Paul Gorski and Equity Literacy

006 – Dr. Paul Gorski and Equity Literacy

What's this episode all about?

Our guest today has spent more than 20 years helping educators in 48 states and a dozen countries strengthen their equity efforts in classrooms, schools, and districts. Paul Gorski is a social justice activist, author and the Founder of Equity Literacy Institute. 

In this episode Jeff and Paul discuss how despite schools best intentions their impact sometimes misses the mark and children are winding up traumatized rather than being protected. Jeff and Paul discuss their common belief around trauma informed practices and GRIT and how that is impacting equity and missing the mark.

Paul also talks about his experience working with schools and school districts supporting leadership to do a better job through professional development, assessments and looking at policies and practices and how they distribute power. Paul talks about his own journey and how he found himself in this line of work and how two role models impacted his journey into the activist movement. Jeff asks Paul about his opinion on how to help teachers who seek to dismantle the system and how to impact system level change. Paul discusses “Equity Literacy” as a practice to talk about your realm of control and how you can impact change and build your influence from inside your classroom.  

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