004 – Kelly Wickham-Hurst & Being Black at School

004 – Kelly Wickham-Hurst & Being Black at School

What's this episode all about?

Our guest today spent 23 years in the public education system as a teacher, literacy coach, guidance dean, and assistant principal, witnessing first-hand how the system helped white students thrive while continuing to marginalize black students. 

In 2016 she left the education system and started Being Black at School, where she serves as the founder and executive director. Being Black at School helps teachers, school boards, and students navigate tough conversations in the classroom, helps to build grassroots movements around the country to stand together and speak up for Black students and works with elected officials and decision makers to develop policies that promote equity and safety. 

Best known as MochaMomma on the internet for her blog chronicling her life as a former teen parent and single mother, who took her then 3-yr old to college with her, she’s been a tireless advocate for anti-racism and dismantling systemic oppression and structures of power that contribute to many of the polarizing issues our society faces. 

Please enjoy this conversation with Kelly Wickham-Hurst!

Show Notes & Resources

  1. Learn more about Being Black at School at their website.
  2. Follow Kelly on Twitter: @mochamomma
  3. Read Kelly’s blog at http://www.kellywickham.com/

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