001 – Dr. Cedar Barstow & What is Power?

001 – Dr. Cedar Barstow & What is Power?

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What's this episode all about?

In this episode we’re going to be breaking down power and having a conversation with author and Right Use of Power founder, Dr. Cedar Barstow.

Trying to talk about individual issues like motivation, mental health, addiction, anxiety, depression or systemic issues like oppression, racism, misogyny, marginalization…the common thread that connects everything is power.

And yet, power is poorly misunderstood, or at least, not commonly understood. Everyone has a unique power history, and perspective on what constitutes power. 

Today we’re going to dig into the concept of power and explore the 4 different types of power, the up and down power dynamic and the important domains of the right use of power.

Show Notes & Resources

  1. Jeff discusses the core principles of power and  interviews Dr. Cedar Barstow, the original author of the Right Use of Power framework, and the founder and executive director of the Right Use of Power Institute www.rightuseofpower.org. Dr. Cedar Barstow, D.P.I., M.Ed. is a Certified Hakomi Therapist in private practice, and a Certified Hakomi Trainer. She served as Administrative Director of the Hakomi Institute for ten years, has served on the Board of Directors, Ethics Committee, and as Managing Editor of the Hakomi Forum. As Hakomi Librarian, she collects, organizes, and re-distributes the computerized log of evolving theory, curriculum, and exercises. She is the author of several books on women and healing, and is a core member of a ceremonial dance community in Boulder, Colorado. https://hakomiinstitute.com/

2. Check out this article “What is Power?” for a couple of short videos on the four types of power and the up/down power dynamic.

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