000 – Welcome to Powerful

000 – Welcome to Powerful

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What's this podcast all about?

In this show we’ll be exploring issues big and small, from addiction, anxiety and depression at the individual level to anti-racism, structural oppression and polarization at the level of society. Not to throw blame or drive a narrow agenda, but to develop a deeper awareness that can foster a desire to improve not only your own use of power, but the right use of power more broadly in the world.

We’ll be asking big questions like:

  • What does it mean to be powerful?
  • How do we understand power and how it shows up in ourselves, in our relationships with others and within our society?
  • What are the mechanisms of power and how can we use them to intentionally and proactively shape ourselves and our community?
  • How can we cultivate awareness of our own power, so that we can use it to live our best life?

A life where we don’t throw our hands up in frustration, don’t retreat into what’s comfortable, or numbing, or mindless.

A life where we dig in and pursue what’s most important and meaningful…for ourselves and the people we care most about.

Show Notes & Resources

Use your power.

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