Beyond Self-Care

Beyond Self-Care

If you’re a helping professional, or in a leadership role (or happen to be a parent) chances are good that your guilt complex around self care is high. 

Probably off the charts high.

Every time you turn around you’re being told to;

  • Do more yoga.
  • Drink more green tea.
  • Be more “mindful”.
  • Go for long runs, hot baths, take more vacations and read more fiction.

All great and well intentioned advice.

Too bad it’s not working.

Rates of chronic illnesses are on the rise. Stress leaves are costing organizations (and the people they serve) dearly, both monetarily and through lost opportunities to have an impact. Only 32% of workers in the US are engaged in their employment. 50% are “not engaged” and almost another 20% are actively disengaged.

One of the problems with “self care” is how we’ve conceptualized it as being the sole responsibility and domain of the individual.

Sure, at the end of the day, your employer can’t make you go for a run, or eat healthy. But they sure as heck can support it in anyway that they can, creating a system of care for all of their employees, and a culture in which it’s not just OK to spend time and energy on one’s needs, but a culture in which it’s mandatory.

"Self-Care is part of our ethical practice, not optional!"

Start the conversation by watching this short (1:35) video on the 4 Domains of Self Care, and then download this 2-page worksheet to do a self-care assessment and set some goals!