I know why you're here.

It’s so incredibly loud in the world…particularly the world of “leadership” and “change” and “performance“.

The noise can be deafening, with every opinion & piece of advice under the sun coming at you all the time.

Like trying to drink from a firehose, you end up just turning off the tap and returning to what you know.

To what’s comfortable, familiar & easy.

And yet, you know that something needs to change.

That you can’t keep struggling through life…repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different or better results.

The struggle is real.

The irony is that when you really sit down and think about it, this life of ours is incredibly short and precious.

And so much of it is spent worried, stressed, anxious and depressed…in conflict with ourselves and other people.

Making next month’s mortgage payment. Hiring the right project manager. Writing the report for the board. Dealing with office politics. Building a culture you can be proud of.

Engaging your staff in meaningful work. Being engaged yourself in meaningful work!

Wondering what the heck meaningful work is, anyway…

The list of things that can get in the way of us living our optimal life, thriving in our relationships and contributing meaningfully to our community (both at work and at home) are ENDLESS.

Simple gets done.

We can live life in a state of constant overwhelm…running on the hamster wheel to try and keep up, or taking a sip from the firehose every now and then.

Or we can simplify, streamline and align our energy and actions with what’s most important.

Our deepest values. 

Our purpose and priorities.

The impact that we want to have in the world. 

The legacy we want to leave after this short life of ours is lived.

When you get tired of the noise, and you're ready to;

» Enhance your communication methods and skills to maximize connection and alignment.

» Develop your leadership skills with a simple, practical and immediately operational set of tools.

» Align yourself and your team with what’s most important, and taking meaningful action forward.

  1. Let’s start a conversation about how I can help you simplify, streamline and align your life and your team with what’s most important.
  2. You can scroll down to learn more about me, the services I offer and what other people have said about the meaningful work we’ve done together. Or have a listen to the podcast

I’m really looking forward to helping you cut through the noise, connect to what’s most meaningful and build an incredible team while you do it.

About me.

Consultant | Speaker | Facilitator | Coach

I’m on a mission to help you thrive in your own life, and build an incredible team, so that you can do the work that’s most meaningful for you and your organization.

I work with leaders and teams of professionals who are dedicated to increasing employee engagement, building their leadership capacity and achieving incredible results.

As a consultant, speaker, facilitator and coach, I bring a breadth and depth of experience from two decades in business, non-profit leadership, addiction and mental health care and education. 



Need an ear to bounce your challenges and opportunities off of, or someone to ask you the tough questions? I work with a limited number of individuals looking for support in addressing their team or organizational dynamics, sorting through interpersonal or inter-departmental conflicts or addressing issues of health, mental wellness and overall job performance.


Whether your audience is twenty or two hundred, I will captivate and engage them with stories of change from my own life, and the lives of the people that I’ve worked closely with over my career. 

I leave every audience with powerful tools and strategies to take meaningful action in their own lives, starting now.


I could talk about my ability to build custom workshops and trainings on a range of topics (from communication and conflict resolution to leadership practices and strategy), or I can let Colleen offer her thoughts…

"I recommend Jeff without hesitation for any session that requires a mindful, wise, and compassionate facilitator to inspire true change in the group. "
Colleen Henderson
President - Creative Director, Perfect Pitch Consulting Group


I specialize in helping leadership teams develop alignment around shared values, build cultures of feedback and take action on the organization’s most important goals and objectives. 

Engaging in a consulting relationship with me means committing to taking meaningful action towards building an incredible team, and at the end of the day, delivering outstanding outcomes and results.

Want to take meaningful action today?

Join our Get Unstuck "mini" course!

Check out Jeff's "Get Unstuck" mini-course if you want to start taking meaningful action in your life, today!


What people like you are saying about working with me.

"He’s masterful at taking well researched models and best practices and turning them into easily integrated ideas that create change. He uses simple useful tools and the power of intention. He’s a transformational leader and a visionary. I would highly recommend Jeff’s work to anyone."
Candace Windisch
Director of Community Services, Enviros
Jeff is fucking amazing and smarter than the average Canuck. Plus, he eats weird food and drives a truck that runs on grease. Kind of a weird dude, actually.
Keith Russell
Professor and Chair, Western Washington University
I've worked closely with Jeff Couillard for a number of years, and he understands change - organizational, professional and personal change. He’s not a therapist nor does he pretend to be. What he is speaks to his ability to stay on the ”bleeding edge” of what works to promote change. He has muddy boots from his field work in substance use disorder treatment with youth and their parents, and a leader’s perspective from implementing change through modifying or expanding systems that work, while training staff in the ways and means to make the change real. And he has or will gather the data to back up his consulting claims.
Lee Gillis, PhD
Professor of Psychology and Licensed Psychologist
Jeff has a deep understanding about how teams work best together. As a leader, he has a vision for tending to the structure of teams in ways that bring out the strengths of each member, while simultaneously focusing everyone on shared goals. He also knows that sustainable and effective teams must have more than tasks, deadlines, and to-do lists. Accordingly, he always aspires to nurture a team-centered culture that makes attaining the collective vision an enriching and meaningful experience.
Liam Law
Mental Health Clinician, Island Health Authority
As an advisor and coach, Jeff is a master when it comes to compassionate communication and navigating tough situations. I have absolutely loved collaborating with him, and consider him a friend and teacher. His ability to draw from and apply various models, approaches, and tools he has learned over his career is quite impressive & impactful.
Pablo Romero
Business Advisor, Workplace Consultant, BrandNu Concepts
Jeff is fucking amazing and smarter than the average Canuck. Plus, he eats weird food and drives a truck that runs on grease. Kind of a weird dude, actually.
Vince Fowler
President, Vested Interest Group
I have worked with Jeff Couillard in various capacities over nearly a decade. Jeff has a very unique and inspiring style, which I have seen produce phenomenal results over the years with respect to change management and conflict resolution. He is exceptionally knowledgeable without ego getting in the way, and facilitates in an empowering, positive style. He has an unassuming style, yet delivers world class facilitation. I would have no hesitation recommending Jeff to collaborate with and empower your team!
Lisa Almond
Human Resources, Town of Cochrane

A few [recent] clients that I've been lucky enough to work with!


Let's chat about you and your team, and making something incredible happen.

Check out some Tips, Strategies and Resources from the podcast and blog...

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For You

Join my “mini” online course, Get Unstuck. It’ll take you an hour, costs 20$, and might just change everything.

For Your Team

Send a quick note to inquire about a custom built workshop or training program for your team. From half a day to a multi-year engagement, live in-person or delivered remotely with the latest technology, we’ve got your covered. 

Many curriculum topics available including;

  • Right Use of Power: Practical Ethics for Leaders and Helping Professionals
  • Compassionate Communication: How to Transform Conflict and Provide Meaningful Feedback
  • Responsive Practice: Simple, Practical and Impactful Tools and Strategies for Healing, Growth and Wellness
  • Beyond the Strategic Plan: How to Build a Culture of Innovation & Excellence

For Your Organization

Every consulting project is different, because the needs and values of every organization is different.

One common theme is the need to demonstrate outcomes, whether in the form of a “return on investment” in business, or a “social return on investment” in the non-profit sector.

I specialize in helping organizations design, build and implement cutting edge “routine outcome monitoring” and “utilization focused evaluation” systems. 

Learn more about the “Vital Signs” approach to measuring and improving the outcomes that are most important to your organization.

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